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My purpose is to help people like you achieve Optimal Lifestyle Nutrition. I specialize in performance nutrition counseling, nutrition for busy professionals, meal plans for weight loss or bodybuilding, and educational and motivational speaking.

Nutrition Services

Completely revolutionized nutrition coaching. Coach Rok’s approach is rooted in the foundation that a proper nutrition is based on each unique individual, not a template of information based on physical statistics. By creating an unprecedented level of access within the nutrition coaching relationship, Coach Rok gets to know each individual – both who they are and what they need to be successful. Welcome to the new model of nutrition COACHING – the real way to finally find success!

Rok Lindsey, the founder of Optimal Lifestyle Nutrition, is the nutrition coach to finally turn your life around. Specializing in Performance Nutrition Counseling, nutrition for busy professionals, meal plans for weight loss or bodybuilding, and educational and motivational speaking, Rok Lindsey is inspiring, approachable, and FUN! Contact Optimal Lifestyle Nutrition today to start your body transformation.



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I  have many satisfied clients who have reached their health and fitness goals with the help of my experience personal training, health coaching, and great support from my team.

Holt, V
Rok is a magician. I’ve been working out for 20 years and have never gotten where I wanted to be. I met Rok and worked with him for 6 months and have achieved every fitness goal I’ve ever had… He’s amazing and my body has literally been transformed. I give him all credit… He personalizes every day to your goals and changes routines constantly to keep you engaged. Absolutely recommend him to anyone no matter your goals!!
Julie F.
Mother of 5
The Rok is completely amazing! I wasn’t doing so well and after talking with him, my marriage is restored along with my relationship w God and people around me. He is the best!
Cannidy, S
Medical Services
My health had taken a hit and on the journey to recovery, I decided that I wanted a coach for motivation.  So glad that I found Rok!  Just having a weekly commitment to MOVE more feels good.  There are days when I’m feeling strong and he’ll push me.  Such a fantastic soreness the next day!  There are also days when it takes all my energy just to get to the gym and he’ll understand.  On those days we just focus on using my own body weight and stretches.  It’s perfect.  I’ve never thought myself to be a chatterbox, but we always seem to have things to talk about so the hour goes by quite quickly — he’s funny and has great stories. I actually look forward to my workouts!  I’d recommend Coach Rok to anyone looking for a partner in their health goals.
Jeffrey F.
Since starting with ROK I have seen a change in not only my workout routine but also in my eating habit/nutrition. He has pushed my limits and taken me out of my comfort zone (from my same old/boring routine) along with educating me in proper diet.
Nitin S.
Rok is an amazing fitness and lifestyle coach. I’ve been training with him for a year and, in that time, he’s helped me look and feel great!

One year ago, I wasn’t a regular gym-goer and was out-of-shape. On a friend’s recommendation, I looked for personal trainers online. I liked Rok’s profile and so, I set up a consultation with him. I decided to train with him after that because of his genuine and positive nature, and because he understood my goals and made a clear and practical plan to achieve them.

His fitness plan, which included both personal sessions and self-training via his app, took care of my lower back and hamstring injuries. He knew how to switch things up to keep workouts interesting and challenging, and his sense of humor and motivational attitude made working out fun. His customized diet plan took into account my Indian food habits. Taken together, I went from “skinny-with-a-belly” to “flat-and-fit”, losing 30 lbs in the first four months!

Thanks to Rok, I greatly improved my diet and exercise habits and, as a result, am keeping myself fit and happy. I’d highly recommend Rok to anyone looking to enhance their lifestyle!

Daniel A.
Business Owner
Love the training workout that they Provide. Mr. Rashein really did help me with my goals by first do an interview and find out what I really want it and make a plan of action based on those goals. I would really recommend that you use their service if you really are looking to get the best results and get the best out of your workout time.
Angela B.
Graphic Designer
I have hired Rok outside of his gym and I have also worked with him at his gym. I have been on and off managing my weight all my life. Since I’ve hired Rok, he’s helped me change old habits in thinking and adopt healthy lifestyle changes. He has a mind/body/spirit approach to personal training that is unique from what I’ve experienced in the past. Rok listens to what I have to say and has a knack for knowing when to nod to what I’m saying when to suggest another way or challenge me beyond my comfort level. I’m stubborn when it comes to certain things and I study a lot about how to get healthy and I feel confident I can challenge my belief with Rok and together we formulate a great action plan that will stick with me the rest of my life.