Coach Rok provides an array of comprehensive exercise programs that improve the chances of you reaching your health and fitness goals, whether they’re general wellness or sport specific. My personal coaching and online personal training services are affordable, effective, and packed full of real-world value.

At Rok F.i.T the on-boarding of a new client is important. Every client starts their journey by meeting with their personal coach to discuss what they are hoping to see from their fitness program and fitness goals. The individual program design consists of a 3 step program and we start it with three one on one sessions.


A 30-minute meeting with one of our onsite coaches to discuss your experience, goals, and lifestyle and start your fitness journey.


Your coach will give you a number of different assessment/tests to identify structural strength ratios and work capacity scores.


After the Consultation and Assessment phase, your coach will have a better understanding to create an individualized program that is tracked and monitored through Fitness App .

Why Choose Rok?

My mission is to change lives for the better. I identify my clients’ expectations, define strategies to exceed those expectations and measure our performance with tangible, demonstrable results. Our emphasis is on innovation and quality. I promise to improve the physical health and wellness of each client and deliver unsurpassed levels of satisfaction and positive results.

10 Years Experience
Master Trainer
Board Certified Health Coach
Certified Sports Nutritionist


Rok Lindsey

Master Personal Trainer, Health & Performance Coach
With over a decade of experience in the fitness industry, Rok Lindsey is driven to help clients and athletes maximize their potential in achieving higher levels of performance in both their fitness and their daily living. Coach Rok’s background in the military, and as a board-certified health coach, master personal trainer, sports performance coach, and knowledge in strength and conditioning allowed him opportunities to work with top executives, military and elite level athletes in the Silicon Valley.

Experience:10 Years


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